The Grand Hotel Myeong-dong

The Grand Hotel Myeong-dong is located at the heart of Myeong-dong. It’s about 2-3mins walk to the Myeong-dong subway station (Line4 Exit 10) and walking distance to the shopping and eating streets (main street) of Myeong-dong. To me it’s in a perfect location, it’s not smack bang in the walking streets where it can get noisy.

If you are travelling to the hotel from the airport, there’s 2 options to bring you close enough to the hotel.

Option 1 (which is what we opted for) is to take the AREX train to Seoul station and transfer to Line 4 and 2 stops from Seoul you will arrive at Myeong-dong station. If you have very heavy luggage I recommend you take Exit 7 which has an escalator (not lift ) to the street level and its about another 2-3mins walk to the hotel. If you are not carrying heavy bags or feeling super strong, you can take Exit 10 and hike up the staircase to street level. This is a faster and cheaper option but you need to hike across platforms and do your train line transfers.

Option 2 is to take the Airport Limo bus Number 6015 and it will arrive on the same side of the road where the hotel is. The bus will stop close to subway Exit 8. There is another airport bus that goes to Myeong-dong as well but it stops on the other side of the road (which means you have to cross road). This is a longer and more expensive option, but it is less stressful.

Apart from being in a fantastic location, the other attraction for me is the Innisfree products supplied by the hotel as toiletries (yes I’m a big Innisfree fan). If you are an Etude House fan then I recommend the Sky Park hotels in Myeong-dong.

Final reason I choose to stayed in this hotel is because of all the good reviews I had read so far about this hotel. It has very friendly staff, always greeting you when you walk past their reception. The reception staff has also helped me in a few occasions when I had questions and with directions. The rooms are always clean and the housekeeping are friendly too! The hotel also has Friday drinks and snacks from 5.30-8.30pm (do check on this when you book as it was a promotion when we were there) although we forgot about it and missed it by 5mins. At the basement of the hotel, they have washer, dryer, detergent dispenser (1000won) and ironing board, and ice machine as well which is great if you want to travel light.

All in all, i thought it was a great hotel even though they are a bit smaller in room size and a little more expensive than other surrounding hotels.