Denmark- Wilderness Ocean Walk

The Denmark Wilderness Ocean Walk (WOW) was indeed one trail that one should do when in Denmark. This trail was recommended to us by a very knowledgeable lady at the Denmark Visitor Centre, which was our first stop into Denmark. She had very quickly gathered our interest and what we liked to do and provided her recommendation to our interest. She mentioned she often hiked a lot when she was younger and have compiled a walking and hiking guide, which I think is the Visitor Centre and Denmark’s treasure.  I wished I had remember her name but in case you miss her when you are there, her amazing compilation is pinned up on the board on the back right hand side of the centre.

The WOW trail is 6.2Km one way but it is actually longer than that as it doesn’t include the 1Km from the entrance of the gate to the windfarm. So it will be a total of around 14km return from the gate. The gate stops cars from driving up to the windfarm (unless you are authorised) I believe. We are not sure where the actual parking is (whether it’s further down Ocean Beach Road or where the gate is ) so just parked where the gate is. Seems it might be right as we saw another car parked there on our return.

Once you have seen the windfarm, that’s where the WOW trail starts. It says to allow 90mins 1 way for walking and there are no toilets along the way, and none at the gate too, so make sure you use the restrooms at the car park at Ocean Beach.

WOW Trail

The WOW trail is quite an easy walk with only some steep climbs and descends but it’s a paved way. The trail really lives up to it’s name as you will be wowed by the beautiful ocean views all the way from start till end. Towards the end nearer to Light Beach you will notice signs for tiger snakes and we spotted a few small ones, so please make sure you keep an eye on the ground.

We completed our walk in 3hrs 30mins.