Beedelup Loop Walk

The Beedelup Loop Walk is located in the Greater Beedelup National Park where the Beedelup Falls are. This national park requires a fee of $15 per vehicle which you can purchase at the car park of the falls or at the Pemberton Visitor Centre, which is about 20mins drive. You need to put the ticket at your dashboard so the park rangers can easily view the ticket when they do their checks.

The waterfall is not a high one but it has a swinging suspension bridge that goes across, which is pretty scary in my opinion since I am not a fan of suspension bridges over gushing water. There is another easy walk suitable for wheelchairs and stroller that goes up to the top of the falls and you get a different view from the bridge.

The photo below was taken after some previous days of rain.

The loop walk continued from the end of the supension bridge and it’s an 4.5km return walk comprising of uneven ground, slopes and climbs (It is a forest walk pretty much, but another beautiful karri forrest) . Half way into the loop you will enter the grounds of RAC Karri Valley Resort, where you will see a big lake for the resort’s guests, cabins and playgrounds. You cut through the resort to continue onto the loopwalk. I think the resort allows non-paying guests, so if you want to stop and take a break at the resort and have a cuppa or drink at the resort restaurant facing the lake, it should be fine.

The last iconic sight on your way back will have to be the walk-through tree. It is a giant tingle tree with a giant hole where most adults can climb through. It is a novelty for sure but there’s nothing much to do after taking a few photos here.

This is a nice walk that can be done easily under 2 hours so make sure you give this place a visit if you are in Pemberton.