Mt Frankland National Park (Walpole)

Exploring Mount Frankland is something one must do when in Walpole. Situated north of Walpole town, it is about 30mins drive from the Walpole Visitor Centre, which I highly recommend to visit to get maps and information. 

Drive to Mt Frankland

I think there might be multiple entrances into the national park so we just enter “Towerman’s Hut” as the destination in Google Maps and it took us to exactly where we want to be. Mt Frankland national park is free of charge and I would recommend between 2-3hrs here, depending how fast you walk and how long you want to enjoy the view and scenery.  There is also a BBQ pit and tables at the Towerman’s Hut should you want to have a cook-up lunch. 

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We started with the first stop at the wilderness lookup, which is a paved 600m return walk from the car park.  You get a vast view of the forest and different national parks. Tip- if you are not keen to climb to the submit, worry not because this is a similar view at the summit. 

Now if you are keen to climb to the summit, take the same trip back to the car park, and head towards the Towerman’s Hut, which is a quick short easy walk. I would suggest you visit the loo since it’s on the way. The hike to the summit while its only 1.2km return, it’s not an easy one and not suitable for wheelchairs as there’s a steep stairs you have to climb. 

Granite peak

Once at the summit, you will be rewarded with 360 degrees view of the surrounding forest and national parks, on a clear day you can even view the ocean. Would be good if we have a binoculars with us.   

If you feeling energetic and adventurous, you can then do the final hurdle which is the Caldyanup Trail. This is actually a loop and it will take you back to the Towerman’s Hut which you will feel a sense of huge achivement when you see the hut. It is a very strenous walk and bush walking experience, coupled with good shoes (and I would recommend a walking stick or poles too if you have any)is a must. There is no paved paths and you will be walking on uneven grounds. Along the way, you will be enticed with beautiful tall Karri trees so make sure you look down and watch where you are going or stepping too.