Walpole Wilderness Resort

We stayed at this resort for 6 nights in June and it was amazing. There are 4 chalets onsite and ours had 3 bedrooms, even though we only need to use the main bedroom.

The chalet has a full kitchen with cutlery and crockery enough for 6 peeople. There are also frying pan, sauce pans, knives, kettle, toaster, mixing bowls, electric fry pan, oven safe dish, medium-sized fridge, oven and grill. Just need a dishwasher to make it perfect.

The fireplace kept the whole chalet warm and cosy and we were given a free bucket of wood per day during our stay. There’s plenty of tv channels to watch when the Internet is not working, which happens almost 90% of the time. There are also books and board games that will keep you entertained but we never got to use it. I like how the owners have a compost bin for us to throw our food scraps in and it was collected everyday and given to their chooks. Or you can just give scraps to the emus in the pen next to the chalet.

All bedrooms have a view to the resort grounds and the main bedroom has a spa bath which is so good to use after a long day of hiking. You can also walk right into the shower from the spa (behind the wall in this photo) which to me is a fantastic design! There are also electric blankets on the bed but we never had to use it because the fireplace kept the whole place so warm. It was also pretty amazing to wake up to roos chewing away in front of you in the morning.

We had some long days where it was already dark when we returned to the resort but we made it back early enough for a couple of days to enjoy sitting on the porch, watching the roos. They are so silly and cute at the same time.

We were lucky to have great weather during our stay, the resort is very quiet and peaceful and the owners are such lovely people. We’ll definately be back again.