Nuremberg Day 1

Leaving Berlin, we picked up a rental car with Avis (I wouldn’t recommend this location as they do not have the Mercedes A-Class that we deliberately booked, and the “similar” car is a Ford) . The Avis customer service guy wasn’t very pleasant to deal with either but he did at least the minimum for us. He did upsell for Avis which made him a great employee for Avis. We ended up paying an extra 210 Euro for an Audi A6 automatic diesel on top of the 400 Euro we had paid for a Mercedes A-Class, which this branch clearly never had.

Craig was in love with the Audi A6 which made the extra money worth it. Driving on the autobahn was also an eye-opener with many cars zooming past us, clearly doing way more than 140km/hr which was the speed we settled on.

It was about 5hrs from Berlin to Nuremburg with only 1 stop and many roadworks along the way.

Upon arriving at Nuremburg we headed straight to our hotel Adina Nuremburg to check in. They were out of car park spaces in their parking garage but the lady at the reception had shown me alternatives which was the same price (18 Euro per day) as the underground parking in Adina.

Nuremberg old town area is very easy to walk from the hotel and I did not think there was a need for any public transport or car. We walked around the town on our side of the river where the hotel is, going by heritage buildings like the St Elisabeth’s Church, Marriage Merry-Go-Round Fountain, St Lawrence Church, walked along the wall near the Craftsmen’s Courtyard and opposite the Nuremberg Hauptahnhof (Main station) and to the National Museum and “The Way of the Human Rights” area. The town is small and very accessible by foot.

After exploring the town, we stopped at a burger placed called the Burgerista Nürnberg for dinner. It was very busy in there. Burgers and chips are its speciality. I had ordered a club sandwich instead and it tasted much better than the one I had in Berlin, it came with chicken, bacon, cheddar cheese and lettuce in the 3 slides of white toasted bread. One cool feature of this place is you can have unlimited drinks in a cute mason jar if you get it with your meal. There are also complimentary paper towel and sauces on the table for you to help yourself .

Walking back to the hotel, we took the route along the castle walls. The Nuremberg train station looked very enchanting at night.