Seoul – N Seoul Tower

The N Seoul Tower is a prominent sight in Seoul standing at 236.7 meters tall. It may look like an transmission tower but it has observatory desk and many other attractions as well. We saw a lot of locals hiking up, enjoying a rest at the bottom of the tower and just having a gathering. There’s plenty of young adults and families going to the attractions at the tower as well. For ways to go to the N Seoul Tower click here

If you caught the cable car up to the tower, you will get to see many locks on the fences around the tower. These locks are called love locks where families, friends and couples lock away their love for each other.

Love Locks

The tower area also used to be a fort in the past and the old fort structure is still very visible today.

Beautiful Fort Wall


very cool cotton candy!

The N Seoul Tower has 3 “sections”. The Tower is divided into 2 sections, with the lower section called Tower Plaza and the upper section called Tower. The 1st section if you like, is when you arrive on ground level, that is the open air area of Tower Level 1 where you can buy admission tickets or package tickets. There is also an Olive Young next to the ticket counter. If you want to get tickets just for the Observatory deck you have to go down the steps at Tower Plaza to get the tickets. Complicated i know.

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  • Observatory deck tickets: 10,000won for adults, 8000won for children
  • Opening hours: 10AM- 11PM, 10AM-midnight(Sat)

Once you get your tickets, you can catch the lift up to Level 5 where you get amazing views of Seoul.

You can get down to Level 4 via a narrow stairs (so be careful) and there’s where you get to enjoy Sky Restroom – restroom with a view! there’s even “photo areas” in the bathroom.

Amazing view of the fort from Level5

Apart from the Observatory Deck, there are other “attractions” in the Tower Plaza that you can visit such as the Hello Kitty Island, Teddy Bear Gallery and K-Star Gallery. There are also many cafes and restaurants you can take a rest or have a meal. It’s definitely not just a observatory tower.

If you visit the tower at night you will also catch the night view of the Seoul where its said to be stunning and captivating.

We had a good time at the tower. The trees are fill with autumn color in June and it’s not too hot to hike down along the fort walls. Click here if you want to see the path we took to hike down